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Region: southern

Settlement: South of Montenegro, between the Adriatic sea and lake Skadar

Co-ordinates:  42°  93′  N, 19° 10′  E

Geographical landmarks: Mount Rumija, lake Skadar

Climate: sub-tropical, mediterranean

Population: 40,037 (municipality)

Municipality area: 335 km2

Area code: +382 30

Transport: Sea-port, railway station, bus station

 Places of Interest 

  • The old olive tree
  • Stari Bar (the old city of Bar)
  • The port of Bar
  • Virpazar
  • Lake Skadar
  • Aqueduct

 Interesting facts 

  • The old olive tree is over 2,000 years old. It is considered to be the oldest tree in Europe
  • There are over 100,000 olive trees in Bar, and most of them are over a thousand years old
  • In the middle ages, a male citizen of Bar was not allowed to marry if he hadn't planted 10 olive trees!

 Beaches: Kraljicina Plaza (“The beach of the queen”), Biserna Obala – Canj (“The coast of pearls”) , Sutomorska Plaza (Sutomore beach), Inex, Crvena Plaza (“Red beach”), Zukotrlica, Utjeha, Veliki Pijesak, Crvena Stijena ("Red Rock"), Murici, Pjesacac 


  • The Bar Guitar Fest – January
  • Days of lake Skadar (Festival of wine and fish) – January 26 - 27
  • On the roads of King Nikola - April
  • International Athletics Meeting - May 1
  • The Cross of Vladimir - May
  • Motor fest in Sutomore – May and November
  • Ecology, tourism, and culture days – July
  • Days of Mrkojevici - last week of July
  • The chronicle of Bar – July 1 to August 30
  • Summer with Stars July - August
  • Days of Zagradje – July - August
  • Sporting events in Crmnica -  July 15 - August 15 (on weekends)
  • The Night of Utjeha - August
  • International TV festival- August
  • Swimming marathon ( Sumotore-Bar) – August
  • Port Cup (international volleyball tournament for women) – August
  • Meetings under the Old Olive Tree – November
  • Olive Fest – December

 Religious Monuments Churches:St. Tekla's church, Barski Trikonhos, St.Petka's church, St.Nikola's church, St.Atanasije's church, St.Rok's church Mosques:Omerbasic mosque Monasteries:Starcevo monastery, monastery of Bogorodica Ratacka, Moracnik monastery, Beska monastery, monastery Precista Krajinska, Gornji Brceli monastery, Donji Brceli monastery 

Cultural Institutions 

  • Bar culture centre (Kulturni centar Bar)
  • Culture home "Vladimir Popovic Spanac"
  • Castle of King Nikola
  • National library and reading room "Ivo Vuckovic"
  • The Velimir A. Lekovic art gallery
  • Two private art galleries: Vir (in Virpazar) and Vega (in Bar)